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Government and Health Board priority audits


What are the Welsh Government National Audits?

Welsh Government has agreed a programme of national clinical audits and clinical outcome reviews which all Health Boards and NHS Trusts who provide the relevant services must participate in as a minimum


This programme will be reviewed annually, and may be subject to additions during the course of the year if the Committee supports Welsh participation in any new National Audits being developed.


The Plan confirms how the findings from the National Clinical Audit and Clinical Outcome Review Programme, will be used to measure and drive forward improvements in the quality and safety of healthcare services in Wales.

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What are the Healthboard priority audits?

Within BCUHB, the executive board has set an annual priority of audits (tier 2 plan) that they want to focus on as to findings and actions being taken as a result of these.


The  Healthboard priority audits are set out below in the link button:

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