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Sepsis Collaborative 

Why a collaborative?

Within BCUHB we have one of the lower rates of mortality in Wales following a diagnosis of Sepsis, but we are determined to be even better.


Through the introduction of DRIPS meetings in all of our Emergency departments our focus will be to improve on timelier intervention using the Sepsis 6 within 60 minutes of Sepsis diagnosis.

Collaborative events support sharing of ideas, discussion of issues and celebration of success. 


Dates of collaborative events

This tab contains all presentations from the collaborative dates, to access these files you need to be on health board device as stored on SharePoint 365


Useful documents and resources

this will guide you through a step by step approach in improvement using the six steps. With tools in each step to help you

this will guide you through running a DRIPS meeting

this will link you to sepsis dashboard, keep an eye on how you are doing throughout improvement work, use patient view as part of DRIPS meetings etc

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