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Safer Medication Delivery

What is it? 

A Improvement Plan to reduce harm from prescribing and administration errors and storage of medicines in BCUHB

How are we doing? 

Standards are in place for Medicines Management (Nursing) covering administration, storage and clinical standards

The Medicines management (Nursing) Collaborative is operational and meeting monthly

The Nursing Collaborative is working on the Safe Storage Work stream in response to external reviews and safety Notices e.g. HIW, HASCAS, incidents, Patient Safety Notices PSN015 and 030

Tests of change have been introduced in 12 acute wards 3 community hospitals and 3 mental health wards to improve compliance with fridge temperature monitoring and to ensure that Controlled Drugs (CD) cupboard are locked and the CD ordering book is securely locked away.

Plans for next 12 months 

Workshop to Develop standards for safer Prescribing

Development of Resource for junior doctors

Medicines Management Training and updates will become mandatory and compliance monitored via ESR

e-handbook for medicines management to fit alongside the Ward Accreditation Programme

Monitoring medication incidents via the Ward Harm Dashboard

Useful Resources 

Medicines Management Workbook

Medicines Management Assessment Framework

Insulin Competency

Insulin Assessment Framework

Second Checker competency

Second Checker Assessment Framework

Locate Drug in Hospital



Driver Diagram for Safe Storage and Measurement Plan

Supporting Junior Doctors in Safer Prescribing RCP

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