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Data on AKI

AKI data is available on the healthboards IRIS system. This data can only be accessed via a healthboard device and if you do not have access but require it please request via the informatics portal (this can be found on your work desktop). 

The e-alerts update every two hours and link to hospital location via the patient admissions system (WPAS). The dashboard is then generated via these alerts and linked oto a number of KPI's. 

The Wee Wheel

The 'Wee Wheel' is a really useful tool to help identify early based on a patients weight and urine output potentially early signs of kidneys failing. 

The tool will tell you based on the patients weight what urine to expect in 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hour period (Both minimum and maximum volume based on weight of the patient). 

This tool supports aiding discussions with clinicians if the urine output falls below expected output (Purple colour).

Kidney-safe bracelet

The Kidney-safe bracelet supports patients taking ownership where possible of monitoring there own renal health. 

Patients are to compare the urine colour each time they pass urine to that on the wrist band. They are to then let staff know what colour it is and corrective action can then be taken where required. 

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