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Registration of audits

Is your project an audit, research or Quality improvement?


It can be difficult to distinguish between research, clinical audit and quality improvement projects.

To support you the following table contains information which will help you to distinguish the difference. 


Source: HQIP

Registration of audits


if your audit does not sit in as a tier 1 or tier 2 audit (ie Welsh Government or board mandated audits) you have to register your audit via the tier 3 audit database. The purpose of this database is to keep a record of active audits completed or on-going across BCUHB and to also maintain good information governance. You will need to complete as per the following:

1. Prior to submission, ensure that your project is reviewed and approved by your supervisor/clinical audit lead

2. Register your audit via the database

3. Database will email you a letter confirming registration of your audit that will allow you then to access the medical records. Without this letter you will not be allowed to access them 

4. Your supervisor/clinical audit lead will also be notified once audit is registered to support you of your work

5. Complete audit and write up in the SBAR template under useful documents button

6. Load final copy of your report on to database and a letter will then be generated confirming completion

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