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World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019

I’m the Consultant antimicrobial Pharmacist for BCUHB. My role working with a team of antimicrobial pharmacists across BCUHB is to review of antibiotic prescribing across north wales, advice of antibiotic stewardship for BCUHB write guidelines and policies, advice on antibiotic treatments, and promote good antibiotic prescribing. This is all important as without good antibiotic stewardship the future effectiveness of antibiotics is not that certain. Antibiotics are used from everything from treating infections, to allowing patients to have surgery such as hip replacement to being given to prevent infections for those receiving chemotherapy.

Some of the interventions we have done in the last year include in primary are a UTI project around reviewing patients who are in long term antibiotics, stopping dipsticking urine to diagnose a TUI in patients over 65 years of age and education and training for care home staff on UTIs.

In secondary care we participated in the ARK (Antibiotic Review Kit) study, which was a behavioural change study around the review and stopping of antibiotics. All antibiotics should have a review by 72 hours of the initial prescription, the chart in the ARK study allows and initial prescription on 72 hours, this must then be reviewed. Along with the chart there was an eLearning package for prescribers and a patient information leaflets. The review rate in YG foal l antibiotic prescription increased from 22% to at the end of the study 94% .

Both interventions have decreased antibiotic prescribing and therefore exposure of patients to unnecessary antibiotics.

Charlotte Makanga

Consultant Antimicrobial Pharmacist

Honorary Lecturer Bangor University

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