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Why measurement matters

I got a Fitbit for Christmas - it was a bit of a challenge because I bought Himself one last year and have spent most of the time in between saying I’m more active than he is; he wanted to prove me wrong!

Of course he knew what he was doing - 7 miles a day, 20, 000 steps etc etc (well he is retired) but I was sure I did more, after all I usually see him at night sitting at the computer, reading or watching TV.

So battle commenced.... it became apparent very early on that I was miles behind him (no pun intended).

The point of this story is that without data you are working in the dark. Making sure you measure your improvement activity - it motivates you and your team to improve, allows you to set milestones and decide if the change is sustainable.

So when you are thinking about change remember the model for improvement - what are you trying to achieve? what are you going to do to achieve it? how will you know that you’ve made an improvement i.e.. what is your measurement.

Got to go at least another 5,000 steps to do

Melanie Maxwell

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