What makes a successful Clinical Audit?

Clinical audit is an opportunity to measure the care & treatment we are providing for our patients against best practice. For an audit to be successful, it must be meaningful and have a clear aim.

Before you start, ask yourself:

· Does the audit address a problem?

· Is the topic a priority?

· Is it achievable within the timeframe?

· Can changes be implemented?

If you can answer Yes to the above, here are some simple tips that can help when designing your audit: -

· Start small – remember audit is a snapshot of care

· Involve others – get help from a wider team, you don’t need to do it on your own

· Learn from others – learn, adapt & adopt from other audits

· Plan – Planning your audit is important, don’t rush it

· Pilot – Test your audit before you start

· Keep it simple – focus on measuring if the standards are being met

· Re-audit – close the loop, have changes led to improvements

· Share – Remember to share your audit findings

…and don’t forget to tell us about your project, register your audit project here: - www.bcuqi.cymru/register-an-audit

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