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To all our followers in @BCUQI. Well what a year!!

Someone said recently to look at what we had as positives for the year, rather than focus on the negative (ie COVID-19). For the BCUQI hub I want to focus on all the positives. We are so grateful for:

· Your support to grow us to such an enormous level. We have nearly 300 members on the hub, nearly 900 followers on twitter and 1440 on Facebook. Join us now!!

· to those that have joined us on improvements in practice training as well, thank you so much for continuing to make improvements in patient care

· We are also thankful for the new training hub that is available for all staff in BCUHB to use during quality improvement events.

· We have a quality improvement database where all staff in BCUHB can share there improvement work with others but also access what others have done, to adapt and adopt potentially for your work areas. We need more!!

· The rapid improvements made to get ready for wave 1 of COVID-19 were just amazing, so proud of the work we have seen from all teams across BCUHB. Be proud of yourself, amazing effort!!

We are looking forward to further developments in 2021 to support you and your patients in 2021 including more training, collaboratives, sharing news of others improvement work and much more. We need your views on our website as well, good, bad, missing something? Tell us by emailing

Finally we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year, looking forward to working with you all in 2021.

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