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Thromboprophylaxis Specialist Nurse set to lead specialist first time masterclass event

A Glan Clwyd Hospital nurse dedicated to leading a drive to reduce patient blood clots is set to take part in a first of its kind UK health masterclass.

Thromboprophylaxis Specialist Nurse Christine Welburn, will be part of a special World Thrombosis Day endorsed event at Bath, due to her drive to reduce preventable hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT).

The Denbighshire nurse has worked with a team of multi-disciplinary staff to introduce through Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s Quality Improvement programme, a walk-around led by experts in blood clot prevention.

Thanks to this work, Glan Clwyd Hospital has been awarded the VTE Exemplar Centre Status and also recently Wrexham Maelor achieved the same status after implementing the walk-around.

Recognised for her role in this achievement, Christine has been invited to a one day VTE Masterclass for healthcare professionals at Bath on October 30, billed as a first time ever event to celebrate World Thrombosis Day.

Thrombosis UK has worked with VTE leads from Bath RUH NHS Hospital Trust and Care UK to arrange the event, endorsed by World Thrombosis Day and UK CPA.

The Glan Clwyd Thromboprophylaxis Specialist Nurse has been asked to present a Masterclass on achieving VTE Exemplar status at a hospital site.

Christine said: “I am really pleased to be considered for such an amazing first time event and very proud to present this Masterclass after working with such a great team to enable the walk-arounds to go live.

They have helped us achieve a massive reduction in HAT’s across Glan Clwyd and Wrexham. In fact recently Glan Clwyd achieved one year preventable HAT free which is a testament to the team work behind this.

She added: “It’s a privilege to be able to share with fellow health professionals the work we have done to help others hopefully achieve similar results for the benefits of patients.

Christine and the team will also be up for an award at the NHS Wales 2019 Awards on September 19th in the Improving Patient Safety category and also recently received a highly commended in the recent HSJ award for Acute service redesign.

On October 9 as finalists, they will also be attending the Anti-coagulation Achievement Awards at the House of Commons.

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