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Recognition for Hospital Acquired Thrombosis team

A World renowned Professor in Supportive and Palliative Medicine has praised the drive by a Betsi Cadwaladr Health board team to prevent hospital acquired Thrombosis (HAT).

Prof Simon Noble singled out the work of the health board’s HAT team towards Thromboprophylaxis during the third VTE Awareness Day held at the Wrexham Medical Institute, at Wrexham Maelor.

The Marie Curie Professor who has a main interest in cancer associated thrombosis, joined health board staff to speak at the event organised by the HAT team.

The team was among the recent winners at the Anticoagulation Achievement Awards (AAA), held in the House of Parliament as part of World Thrombosis Day celebrations.

They took ‘Best work in the prevention of hospital acquired thrombosis’ for a multi- disciplinary approach to introduce through the health board’s Quality Improvement programme, a walk-around led by experts in blood clot prevention.

Due to this work, Glan Clwyd Hospital has been awarded the VTE Exemplar Centre Status and also recently Wrexham Maelor achieved the same status after implementing the walk-around.

Prof Noble, who travels all over the globe to present to health medics and clinicians, praised the team directly for their innovative Thromboprophylaxis work following his talk on cancer associated thrombosis.

Wrexham Haematology Consultant David Watson and Glan Clwyd and Wrexham Thromboprophylaxis Specialist Nurses Christine Welburn and Lisa Pemberton organised the event.

Christine said: “It was such a privilege to have such a world respected expert come and talk to us and the health board staff attending the day about the field of cancer work he is involved in. And all the team were really honoured by the kind words he gave us.

“It has been a real team effort to achieve where we are now in preventing hospital acquired thrombosis across North Wales for the patients we serve and we are really pleased that this hard work is being recognised in this way.”

Lisa added: “It was such an honour for Professor Simon Noble to take time out of his busy schedule to come and speak at our VTE event held at Wrexham. A Fantastic presentation as usual.

“For our achievements to be recognized by such a highly respected expert is fantastic and the whole team are truly honoured and encouraged to continue.”

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