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Improvement Fundamentals Course 401 – An Introduction to Spreading Improvement Gains

The fourth course in the Improvement Fundamentals programme – a series of free online courses run by NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team – starts on 21st January 2019.

Course 401 – An Introduction to Spreading Improvement Gains – covers the important topic of how to spread your quality improvements beyond your immediate workplace.

Taking this course will help you to:

describe what spread means and why it’s importantdevelop strategies to spread your successful interventions throughout your organisation and regiondescribe how to improve engagement with your stakeholders in your own improvement work most importantly, complete a spread plan.

The course is made up of five 30-minute modules. Each module contains an activity at the end that you need to complete in order to complete the course overall.

You don’t have to have completed any of the previous courses to participate in Course 401 – you just need to have an idea of a project you would like to work on.

To enrol onto Improvement Fundamentals 401 please visit the QI Learning Platform. If you have any issues enrolling, please email


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