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How do you communicate effectively?

There are so many benefits to having good communication skills in all areas of work including your quality improvement work. It enables you to share information, deliver key messages, share good news stories, break bad news, discuss issues of significance and the list goes on…………………

But what is the best way to communicate? Well it depends on the message you want to discuss or raise and how quick you want the recipient to respond.

How do you communicate effectively? You need to consider your target audience ie departmental, 1:1, whole hospital, BCU wide?

If its to deliver messages around education remember the ‘rule of 7’, repeat the message at least 7 times via multiple means before your target audience start to take note of it through action. You need to consider multiple modes of delivery, such as face to face conversations, storyboards, posters, newsletters, handovers, email, phone call etc………

There are multiple tools available to support you on your QI journey with communication. Don’t think narrow, go broad in your approach to accommodate also learning styles. Some staff learn visually and other audibly.

If you are looking for posters, ;leaflets etc consider using

There are also tools available via

Quality improvement work needs communicating to your teams locally, but also consider how you communicate via spreading the work across teams and across BCUHB.

At the hub we also want to know about your work and celebrate it via our blog section. We want to celebrate the good work across BCU and also across NHS Wales.

Mel Baker

Lead Manager Quality And Transformation

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