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Exciting Job opportunities- Secondment

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Medical Examiners, Senior Medical Examiner Officers and Medical examiner officers to join the North Wales service. This is a new service and an exciting opportunity to grow and develop the role.

The aim of this service is to be able to scrutinise deaths within acute hospitals within one year of development of the service, and by April 2021 to be able to take on the responsibility of reviewing the circumstances of all community deaths in the corresponding areas. To do this, we aim to develop a responsive and fluid service, which is adaptable to the needs of the Health Boards, our patients and our workforce.

This service will: Strengthen safeguards for the public by: providing robust, systematic and independent scrutiny of all deaths not referred directly to the Coroner (cause of death and circumstances impacting on the death); providing intelligent analysis and system level reporting of concerns found during scrutiny; and ensuring that the right deaths are referred to a Coroner

For further information on these roles and to apply please follow the links below:

Senior Medical Examiner Officer -

Medical Examiner Officer -

Medical Examiner -

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