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Dear BCUHB Innovators

Please see below for the Innovation and Industry Engagement Newsletter which is a new initiative from WG to provide information about developments across some parts of emergent innovation infrastructure in Wales.

To support their newsletter we thought it may be useful to provide some local updates of how BCUHB R&I department are working with all parts of this infrastructure to explore and facilitate collaborative opportunities for North Wales. The list below is certainly not exhaustive - but intended to provide a snap shot of some of the work underway in the Department to support Innovation and Industry engagement.

· Agor IP:- We are working closely with Agor IP and will be circulating details of their new rolling programme of funding calls. These will be aimed at NHS staff looking for support with development and commercialisation of new and innovative ideas. We be facilitating regular remote drop in sessions to support staff in discussing ideas/submitting applications. The first call will open 28th September.

· North Wales RI&IC Hub:- Dr Lynne Grundy Associate Director of R&I sits on the Programme Board for the North Wales RI&IC Hub supporting innovative collaboration between Health and Social Care.

· Bevan Exemplar Fast track program 2020:- There has been an excellent response to this recent call - with the highest ever number of applications from BCUHB.

· Bevan Adopt and Spread programme:- This was piloted earlier this year with a great response from BCUHB - who submitted the highest level of applications in Wales and secured almost 50% of the available funding.

· Mediwales Innovation Awards 2020:- This call is currently open and we are supporting staff applications.

· The 8th Welsh Health Hack:-All Wales (remote event) BCUHB R&I department and Awyr Las are currently working with The Bevan Commission, M SParc, The Life Sciences Hub Wales, Agor IP and Mediwales to plan the third Health Hack to be supported by BCUHB in the last 10 months. Previous events have generated high levels of applications from BCUHB with six funding prize winners currently working with industry partners and other parts of the innovation infrastructure on collaborative projects -

For the forthcoming event the theme will be Recovery & Resilience and it is scheduled for early November 2020.

In what has been a challenging year, BCUHB staff have continued to demonstrate enthusiasm, resilience and creativity in their efforts to innovate, collaborate and improve.

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