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DATIX Mortality system changes are coming at YGC

Changes are coming to the way current Mortality reviews at YGC are undertaken through the introduction of DATIX Mortality system, this will be rolled out from 22nd July 2019 in the bereavement office and aims to improve functionality, improve timeliness of reviews, improve reporting capability and provide better support to all doctors when they come to use it.

Through DATIX mortality you will be losing the current paper version to go fully electronic at the hospital. The improvements will provide a more efficient and streamlined system to use for doctors and provide better data capture for the future.

Rest assured, we are working to make sure that there is minimum impact on doctors at YGC by rolling out the new electronic system with minimum disruption to the current paper system.

Staff will be on hand to make sure any queries with the new system are addressed quickly as well and we also do welcome feedback from users once they are using the electronic version.

To get the best out of the new system and make sure you as a doctor have the appropriate online access, we would appreciate you logging in to this link ahead of launch date so we can approve as many as possible before going live.

We want to get to all of our doctors logged in as soon as possible for them to make the most of the benefits the electronic system will bring.

Mel Baker

Lead Manager for Quality and Transformation

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