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Come join our Database chase!

Do you really appreciate what Quality Improvement can do for the patients you help? Have you completed your own QI project and want to help others see how much doing their own could benefit the services they provide?

To celebrate our first anniversary this week, we are launching our brand shiny new project database to bring a great new asset to all those wanting to get involved with quality improvement.

The database will help store lots of completed projects in an easy to search fashion. We want it to become a great resource to support all those wanting to do future QI projects and this is where we need your help…with a great incentive attached.

We are running a database dash until close of play 5pm on our actually birthday day September 20. With your amazing help we want to aim for 100 projects online by the time we blow the candles out on our cake.

Good quality improvement is all about engaging with each other to learn, by sharing your project on the database you could really give a helping hand to someone struggling to get their work off the ground, you could help them fly.

And the best news – out of all the projects we receive in the time period for uploading – one will be randomly chosen as a winner of a great prize so dust off your project and get it ready for uploading!

All projects eligible for the database must not be more than 3 years old and need to include both PDSA as well as measures

You can upload your project by accessing the link below


Thank you all so much for making the BCUQI hub a great success in the first year and we look forward to building on this to celebrate even more amazing quality improvement work from you all.

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