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Apply for the Spread and Scale Academy in March 2021

Due to short turn around on this we will be unable to get this post translated, apologies in advance.

One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that the NHS is fortunate to have staff at all levels who are able to innovate and work together to solve even the most complex problems. Often a barrier innovators can face is, once their ideas are established in their own areas of work, the ability to upscale it and spread its benefits across their organisation and further into Wales and the UK. That’s why I am delighted to announce the return of the Spread and Scale Academy in March 2021.

This is the second Spread and Scale Academy which Cardiff and Vale UHB, The Life Sciences Hub and the Bevan Commission has hosted in conjunction with the Los Angeles-based Billions Institute. The previous academy was a huge success with great representation from Health Boards across Wales.

The knowledge and skills learnt by participants at the previous academy informed how they worked during the COVID-19 response and there has been incredibly positive feedback. Delegates have described it as “the best thing I’ve attended in my career by a long way” and “one of the most valuable courses I’ve ever attended”.

Full feedback can be read on our Spread and Scale Academy webpage ( where you can also find the link to application form.

The Spread and Scale Academy is for small teams from NHS Wales who have implemented a successful improvement or innovation project in their area. It takes the form of a 3-day virtual learning event in March 2021. It is being delivered by the Billions Institute who pioneered the Model for Unleashing, which encourages innovators to ‘Dig Deep’ into their motivation for change and ‘Dream Big’ about where they’d like to take their project.

This is an excellent opportunity for you – or someone you know – to develop your personal skills and career opportunities as a change leader and give you the support that you need to drive transformational change and good practice in line with ‘A Healthier Wales’.

Further details can be found on the webpage.

Here’s a few things you’ll need to have before applying:

  • A mature project

  • A team of between 3-6 members

  • The motivation to unleash your project at scale

  • And make a note of the deadline for applications: Friday 22nd January – so you don’t miss the opportunity!

Delegates will be chosen via a panel of experts, and will be based on the potential of the project to spread and scale whilst ensuring that we have good representation across disciplines.

If you have any queries, please email today!

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