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Mortality Reviews 

Why do we do Mortality reviews?

Mortality reviews are undertaken in two stages with the initial review identifying potential issues in health care delivery or concerns from others. 

Stage 1 review- this is undertaken in the mortuary by a clinician at the point of death certification on all deaths that occur in hospital. This review is to identify 'potential issues in healthcare'.

Stage 2 review - this is a more detailed review of those stage 1 cases where concerns were flagged or potential issues in healthcare delivery identified. These reviews are carried out by senior clinician and look at all aspects of care delivery. 

Plans for next twelve months?

Over the next twelve months we will:

1. move all acute hospital sites across to DATIX mortality module 

2. work with area teams to plan go-live of mortality reviews via DATIX for all community hospital deaths 

3. work with national team to develop DATIX mortality further for the rest of Wales to use. 

4. Work with teams from shared services in the transition to all deaths that do not go to coroner being reviewed by the Medical examiner

User guides 

DATIX Mortality user guides are being developed for easy access and to target specific queries related to all aspects of the mortality review module. To access the guides click the link below which will take you to the BCUQI sharepoint site:




Contact information

For further support or information related to the mortality review process, DATIX Mortality or training available email: 

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