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Medical Examiner 

Introduction of the Medical Examiner (ME)/ Medical Examiner Officer (MEO)

Following on from the Shipman Inquiry (2005), the Coroners and Justice Act (2009) they have all recommended that medical examiners be introduced across England and Wales to improve the investigation of deaths.

The Medical Examiners will be Senior Doctors who will scrutinise and support the certification of deaths.  They will be supported by Medical Examiners Officers (MEO).  Both roles will be working independently of the health board and managed by NWSSP. 

Contact Information

National Medical Examiner UK- Dr. Alan Fletcher

Lead ME for Wales- Dr Jason Shannon

Lead ME Officer- Daisy Shale

Programme Director for Wales- Andrew Evans 


If you are interested in becoming an ME or MEO for BCUHB, you need to complete the ME Accreditation / Education Programme prior to applying. Details of the training programme can be found via the following link:


Progress to date 

National ME updates and implementation to support service providers or health boards in the process of establishing ME offices can be located via the following links:

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