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BCUHB Quality priorities and strategy

Implementation of our quality improvement strategy is our top priority within BCUHB – we know that improving the quality of our service lies at the heart of being a sustainable and successful Integrated Health Board. This strategy will link with our three year operational plan to ensure focus on all elements of the Health Boards delivery plans.

In order for us to deliver this Strategy we must focus on the following five aims:

  • ​Reduce avoidable deaths

  • Continuously seek out and reduce patient harm

  • Achieve the highest level of reliability for clinical care 

  • Deliver what matters most

  • Deliver innovative and integrated care 


BCUHB Quality priorities

Linked in with the strategy we must focus and improve all three dimensions of quality:

  • The patient experience

  • The safety of our services to improve health outcomes

  • The quality of outcomes delivered through clinical excellence


These three dimensions will include improvements in areas such as safe clean care, falls and pressure ulcer damage reduction, rapid response to the acutely ill and Sepsis to name just a few focussed programmes of work.

QIS domains.png

BCUHB Quality Improvement Strategy

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