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What is the Bevan commission?

The Bevan Academy for Leadership and Innovation strives to develop Prudent Healthcare and promote better health and healthcare in Wales.

The Bevan Commission identified the need for an Academy to strengthen leadership and innovation in health across Wales and beyond, sharing our excellence and expertise further afield. 

The Academy provides:


  • a dynamic learning and development environment to support inspirational leadership,

  • innovative ideas and new ways of working

  • It promotes open innovation, encouraging people, professionals and organisations to collaborate in a non-competitive environment.


The Academy builds upon core foundations of research, innovation and skills development to help inspire and create a sustainable, prudent and vibrant NHS in Wales. The Bevan Innovators and the Bevan Innovation Hubs play an important part in achieving these objectives.

For more information on the Bevan Commission visit their website here 

Existing Bevan exemplars?

Check out the videos and links for further information on the work our health board's own Bevan Exemplars are undertaking or have completed

Thinking of applying to be Bevan exemplar?

Have you:

  • Got an innovative idea to improve the way the NHS works in Wales?

  • Want to make your idea a reality?  

Being a Bevan Commission Exemplar means you will be supported to take your idea through to implementation, and will be championed at senior levels within NHS Wales and the Bevan Commission.

To find out further information about applying to Bevan visit the website here 

For further information about Bevan support within BCUHB contact:


Melissa Van Der Bijl


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